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Wednesday 28 July 2010
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Congrats to me, why? Cos I just screwed up my ******* maths test! How the hell is it possible to complete 12 math trigo/pythageors theorm questions which are so damn hard in 1 hour with enough time to check everything? I think she miscalculated the time needed....some maths teacher.... Great there goes my math test.... Sigh, now i got no mood to study for chinese test....sianzzz

But this mood did not stop me from watching INCEPTION FOR A SECOND TIME!!!! HOLY!!! IT'S AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I think rite, if Inception is on till National Day, I am going to watch it on Saturday or Sunday during that long weekend for a 3rd time! Like last time I watch The Dark Knight for like 3-4 times? I love how Chris Nolan's cliffhanger ending and his question to the audience. How do we know that we are actually living in reality? The movie really sets you thinking.....it is a must watch for everyone! The music is also good...let's hope there would be another great movie coming soon...

Walao eh...getting real tired sia, going to sleep...bb

Saturday 24 June 2010
Saturday, July 24, 2010

I finally revived my blog. Sry ppl, was too busy previously so..yah. Dun blame me if my blog starts dying after this.....

I made a new record, 2 movies in a week. I watched Despicable Me on Wednesday and Inception today. Despicable Me was funny, I kinda like it. Kinda predictable plot. The mininons were damn cute....

For Inception, all i have to say is AWESOME, AWESOME and AWESOME!!!! One of the best movies I have ever watched man. Great cast, great plot, great effects and great ending. It definitely deserves all the good ratings from newspapers etc. Nobody would have thought of using the idea of stealing secrets/planting ideas through dreams to film a movie. *MAJOR SPOLIER ALERT*(you want can skip to the paragraph after the poster) The ending was awesome, it was somewhat a cliffhangar. Leonardo's character spins the totem but walks away after being distracted by his kids. But before anything else happens to the totem, the movie ended. So, you can either think that it stopped( which means he succeeded in planting the idea and is now in reality) or it continued to spin (which means he failed and still in lala land). People in the cinema were like laughing at the ending, some saying "I know whats going on..." I love the movie. Christopher Nolan has once again succeeded in making another AWESOME film after the dark knight. I really hope that Christopher Nolan continues to make even better films. So, all I have to say left is GO WATCH THE FILM, IT'S SO AWESOME!!!! IT IS WORTH THE MONEY AND TIME!!!


Sigh, I still thinking of how to tell my parents I dun wan to go to OBS. Nvm, I shall go sleep, getting tired.

Friday 16 July 2010
Friday, July 16, 2010

T.G.I.F, I love this acronym. It shows that a week has passed and we can finally have a break after working our asses off. It's been 3 consecutive crazy weeks. Many things have happened and im real tired. Just submitted the appeal form for projects day. I'm in a goddamn dilemna. One side of me wants to get into the finals, but the other says no, don't get in. ARGH!!!! Damn hard to decide sia. Sometimes life just love to drive you nuts AND i still cant accept the fact that Zhan Rong's group GOT IN!!!OMG!!! I was hoping for an error sia. Sigh, nvm lah more work for them.

Yay I finally got my MW2 and GTA liao.....haha was playing just now, damn fun sia. It makes a good stress relief. Speaking of which, I realise that Im getting lazier and lazier....having more qualities of a procrastinator, but pls who isn't! Who does not tell their mum that they would complete their homework by friday night but in the end rushes out everything on Sunday?

Sometimes I hate life. It just likes making surprises. But problem is, will they add colours to our lives or make us go "WTF!!!!" Well, most of the time, they smack you straight in the face and shout "LOSER!!!" and next thing you know we are super pissed. But ironically, thats also the fun part of life where you dont know what's going to happen next.

I like blackmailing people and pissing them off. One good example would be Elvis. We often would go "Qi En" and I would go "Oh Elvis!!!" He would be like "**** Off man!" His deepest darkest secrets being exploited by us. You could practically see his face blushing and him hesitating to answer every single question we ask. Im guessing he has a crush on that girl. But it's normal wad. I oso have one now( I am risking myself into a lot of trouble by typing this sentence). I noe wad u ppl are thinking ok. Go on, give me your best shot. Cos you would not get anything, I assure you that.

Recently I just realised "The 'W' Files" and "The Legendary Ranger" are showing on 2 different channels at almost the same timeslot. The former stars Gallen Lo as 卫斯理 while the latter stars Leon Lai as 原振侠. Both are adapted from sci fi novels written by the same author, Ni Kuang. Damn cool sia I like both shows. Both shows have a gap of 10 years. Should go re-watch both sometime. If you are wondering which shows Im talking about, here are the pictures.



Walao getting sleepy sia...eyes going to close...i shall try to keep myself awake but I got nothing else to blog liao so....i will go and bb.

Monday 28 June 2010
Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, today is the 1st day of school for term 3 which happens to be one of the worst terms ever. It's all chionging of the last part of our syllabus before term 4 comes and we face our exams. Sigh, 1st day already like crap liao, damn jialat. I woke up earlier like 5:55am so that I could go out to catch the earlier 961 bus. Who knew, it was crowded like shit and I barely had a place to stand. Plus, I was carrying my heavy bag with my laptop( which my teacher asked us to bring but in the end never use at all). Chionged up 5 storeys before i step into my classroom, within less than a minute, I chionged back down for flag raising. I can say that I had a plain day. But I like the fact that the 5 of us( me, yuchong, sean, Jeremy and Brendan) are sitting together and laughing and talking. I think this week would be used to get used to school and getting rid of my holiday mood( which would probably be mission impossible). I can't wait for the next holidays( Decemember not September). I feel that somehow June Holidays pass the fastest out of all of the holidays and school days.

Oh ya btw, I saw this headline in the forum page of the Straits Times saying "Why burden children with holiday work?" I totally agree with this. Parents should have woken up to the situation long time ago. I am sure that many of you out there agree with me that holidays should be homework-free and left for just fun and revision. No stress. That would be the most idealistic situation ever.

I just watched finished The Mysteries Of Love. OMG!!! Last few episodes were awesome!!!! The battle of wits and the race against time between Raymond Lam's character and Raymond Wong's character was amazing. It practically left me at the edge of the chair while watching it on my laptop. Of course other than that I also loved how Kingsley(Raymond Lam) did everything he could to win back SLM(Tavia Yeung)'s heart and forgiveness for the wrong he committed. He even kneeled down to SLM. Overall, it was fricking touching!!! But one thing, how come at the end they did not share a kiss? I mean like they should wad....it would be great! You can put a wonderful end to this couple who have gone through so much before they could be together. Btw, this is the poster.

Credits to tvb.com

This is the link to the theme song sung by Raymond Lam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuL4mmUlflU&feature=related I really too lazy to post the video, just click on the link and watch it ok?

Yup it's in cantonese, but its nice. But got subtitle liao ah, so dun blame me if you still do not understand a single thing.....

Next drama serial, Ghost Writer maybe? See if I have the time, go watch the show.

Sigh, gtg...eat dinner maybe blogging more if got time...so catch you later!

Friday 25 June 2010
Friday, June 25, 2010

OMG!!!It's like one of the last days of the June Holidays....well it is not that bad for me....been quite interesting....at the same time, I shall do a checklist of my damn darn homework:
1)History essay (done)
2)LA prose assignment(done)
3)Read the Merchant of Venice
4)Read 三国
5)Math self-study
6)Math revision paper 5,6,7,8,9,10....

Holy crap, thats a lot...heng self study n all the damn revision papers dun need to hand in lol....so only left that is worth of the least of my concern is reading the 2 books,im going to be so dead sia....I hate school man...drown in the river of stress...later also got cca summore...how to rush out everything?

Lol now im like listening to last christmas( 11:43pm) n i suddenly remembered on the day of our christmas party we prank called Mrs Yit n like sang last christmas in ZT's room. All the good memories....However, as i get older, I found that my christmas and chinese new year is basically getting more and more screwed up sia....freaking boring.....the things we do is the same...on christmas we go to Nicole's hse and I got like damn bored there while all the parents there are like maybe having the time of their lives....while im like finding someone to talk to on the phone.....on chinese new year i only spend the 1st day visiting 2 hses n like go back home liao...i need sum one to text to.. sian sia

That's why I like spending my holidays onli with either my family, my great friends(u noe who u r) and alone at home with my laptop!! U may think im anti social but when u step into my shoes, u will realise how boring my holidays are. I only have fun on certain times. So, this is an appeal to my friends out there when ur free, text me on holidays, i admit im desperate man!

When term 3 starts, its chionging like siao n on n on till exams are over which takes like forever for them to pass....

Tuesday 22 June 2010
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today was the day of the exchange programme with St. Nicholas Girls school Chinese Orchestra. It was fun! Im glad I did not regret my choice of turning up. Making the wrong choice can be really scary...cos once its made, theres no turning back at all.

I was still like complaining about why am i doing here? I should be at home sleeping? But it was fun...i made new friends from st nichs.....its the usual... icebreakers,practise,performance,team building games, amazing race( we got 1st!!), then the end.

Too lazy to type so i summarised, anyway....i kinda like it, fun is most important. Which reminds me I need to do homework...got to go...bb...

Wednesday 16 June 2010
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey u all, how is it going? Although holidays feel like school days to me( both feel damm sian) but surprisingly they pass way faster than normal school days. I start to wish time would just slow down so that I can enjoy more of it instead of having the "rushing" feeling everyday. If you dont know, I do work like 10 times slower when im in school cos im like procrastinating everytime. In the end, I rushed out everything on Sunday. You have no idea what it is like to be in school, you rush out work every now and then, you get pissed easily and just shout out vulgarities, the stress level increases a lot and fun and enjoyment is taken away. I feel like ever since I stepped into my sec school life, I changed in ways of thinking, speaking and character. People always say enjoy your sec school life, but I just cant do it. Not that I dun wan to but its just that the circumstances dun let me to. Sometimes I also hate afternoon commitments, I like to go home early instead of staying in school. Unless we have a LAN game session in class. Yah, I also turned lazy. Sigh, when is life going to get better.....

Last Sunday, I just came back from Malacca. Its the usual, shopping and relaxing. But on the 1st day I feel a little stressed when I was touring the shopping centre I suddenly just feel all that stress come back...terrible. This time I stayed in a different hotel. Mahkota Hotel. My comments is that the place is a little "ulu", the water is kinda dirty. The place is kinda big but I prefer Hotel Equitorial. It's really much better. Malacca is a good place for a short trip with your family. 3days 2 nights should be good enough. No more and no less.

Directly on Monday, I went to Vivo for Cheryl's Birthday. It was kinda rush cos I was tired from my trip and I did not have enough time to get a good gift for Cheryl. So,..I still went and enjoyed my time there. Sad that Jett did not come. Cant wait for next sat...still thinking of what to buy for ZT.

Recently, I still like watching more and more dramas...I love the story of how Raymond and Tavia's characters being separated because of their family background..continue watching...

Sigh...time to go...